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Sunday July 30
Monday July 1
Only Plastic Pussy for You

I've just returned from my date night, & I tell you how I am satisfied from hot, steamy sex with my new lover. You're so horny & desperate, seeing me in my sexy outfit, knowing I’m feeling very sensual right now. I tease you & mock your excitement. Then I point out the fleshlight on the bed. There's your pussy! A plastic pussy! How could you ever think I'd let you fuck MY pussy? That's for REAL men who know how to satisfy. I know you get excited from seeing my full-back panties & pantyhose, and I instruct you to put the fleshlight on the edge of the bed & fuck it while I tease you. I know I promised you could eat the creampie out of me after my date, but I let him cum in my mouth, and that's why there's no creampie for you to eat tonight. You need to accept that your only pleasure will come from masturbating & thinking of other men pleasing me. When you finally cum into the plastic pussy, I reveal that there's a creampie for you to eat tonight after all-- your own, from the plastic pussy. Eat up, cucky!
Only Plastic Pussy for You

Tuesday July 2
Wednesday July 3
Thursday July 4
Friday July 5
Picked Up and Fucked: Angel Ryder

Hot new porn starlet Angel Ryder shows off her skills in our reality series "Picked Up and Fucked". Angel came to us from Portland with her boyfriend Nico, and she was so friendly and enthusiastic that we hired her back immediately. True to her name, she clearly enjoys showing off her riding in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.
Picked Up and Fucked: Angel Ryder

Saturday July 6
Sunday July 7
BTS: Mandy Muse - Time Out

One of the most popular scenes on our site is "Time Out: Privates School" featuring Mandy Muse and Lady Olivia Fyre, so we're excited to show you this full-length BTS scene.
BTS: Mandy Muse - Time Out

Monday July 8
Teacher's Nylon Fetish

You're a student in Mrs. Fyre's class, and you can't stop staring at her pantyhose-covered legs. She keeps you after school one day to confess that she has a nylon fetish too. She pulls out a pair of pantyhose, which she sexily slides over her pantyhose, and she plays with your cock with her nylon and pantyhose covered feet. She handles your cock expertly and strokes with between her legs and her feet. Then she stands up & tells you to fuck her thighs. She lets you fuck her pussy too. After she's thoroughly exhausted your cock and fulfilled all of her fantasies and her own, she tells you that since you've been a good boy you can cum on her legs.
Teacher's Nylon Fetish

Tuesday July 9
Wednesday July 10
Thursday July 11
Servicing Ass and Pussy

In Laz's words: "Lily Lane knows how much I crave her ass and did me a solid by coming over and allowing me to service it with my face. Lily is a dominant Woman who knows how to control men with her words and delicious booty. This was the first scene I did with Lily. I had been wanting to work with her for a LONG time. You have no idea how bad I wanted that ass on my face and when it finally happened.... HEAVEN"
Servicing Ass and Pussy

Friday July 12
Human Sperm Bank

Introducing Dixon Cross in his first ever porn scene. Dixon joins Taurus, who is a familiar face to House of Fyre fans. Taurus and Dixon meet for the first time in the suite of a fertilization clinic. Nurse Fyre tells Taurus all about her prospective donor's qualifications, but it's ultimately up to Taurus to decide if she will except Dixon as her sperm donor. This clinic has an unorthodox method of implantation. Through extensive research, they've discovered that the success rate is much higher when patients receive a "direct donation". As such, Taurus must have sex with Dixon if she wants to be impregnated by him. She asks if she can see his cock, and once she deems it worthy, she nervously removes her clothing. While the participants have been instructed not to use their names during the procedure, there's no rule against enjoying themselves, and clearly they both do. Once Taurus has what she wants, she remains on the bed & impersonally tells Dixon to leave the room. It's a strangely sexy anonymous encounter.
Human Sperm Bank

Saturday July 13
Sunday July 14
BTS: Ella Hughes - Cherry Popping Gingers

A House of Fyre favorite redhead duo: Ella Hughes and Lady Olivia Fyre take your virginity in this smoking hot BTS footage from "Cherry Popping Gingers".
BTS: Ella Hughes - Cherry Popping Gingers

Monday July 15
Sensual Cock Training for Sissies

Oh sissy, isn't he gorgeous? Isn't he everything you've been fantasizing about? So many waking moments thinking about sucking cock. So many times throughout every single day you find yourself preoccupied with what it would be like to have a beautiful, soft-skinned, hard cock in your mouth. Your pretty, sissy, cock-sucking mouth. This moment has been on your mind for so long. You think about it while you're at work, while you're in bed at night trying to think, your clitty swelling. Now it's time, and I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it. Watch how he strokes the shaft; your mouth is going to do just that. Watch his rhythm. See how he grips it firmly but not too hard? Look how he plays with the underside of the tip. Are you ready to try? I see you can hardly contain yourself, writhing in anticipation.

Now you're going to take it nice and deep. Don't use your teeth. Be gentle. Take every inch. You're doing such a good job. Feeling his skin and your skin sliding together.

Admire his muscles and his big cock while he gets himself right to the edge. He's going to give you a big load down your throat. This is your reward for doing such a good job. You must swallow your reward.

Is it everything you dreamed?
Sensual Cock Training for Sissies

Tuesday July 16
Wednesday July 17
Thursday July 18
Friday July 19
Grow a Girlfriend

Last weekend you ventured into an antique shop where a strange old man was selling cheap gag toys. You saw a package labeled "Grow a Girlfriend" and you thought it would be a funny gag for your best friend. After all, it was only $2.98. But then this morning you got an odd feeling in your stomach, like the package was calling to you. So you filled up a water pitcher & dropped in the toy. It was supposed to take 2 days to grow to full size, but at lunchtime when you walked into your living room, suddenly an actual woman appeared!

"Hi! I'm your grow-a-girlfriend. My name is Mallory Sierra. What would you like to do today?" You quickly recover from your shock. "Well, can I see your boobs?" you ask her. You expect her to be mad or to slap you, but instead she eagerly says, "Absolutely!" and she takes off her bikini top.

"What else would you like to do?" she asks. "Would you mind putting some of this oil on your boobs?" you nervously inquire. "Absolutely. I'd love to do that for you." She rubs the oil into her huge breasts, pressing them together. "What would you like me to do with them?" You ask her to put your dick between them. "Anything for you," she replies. "You've got such a nice, big cock. She alternates between a titjob & a blowjob. The rest of your experience continues the same way. You make requests, and she eagerly & enthusiastically fulfills them.

When you cum between her tits, she smiles & says, "I hope you enjoyed your purchase by Fyre Toys."

*Includes a staged outtake from another Mallory scene*
Grow a Girlfriend

Saturday July 20
Sunday July 21
BTS: Bunny Colby - Making the Grade

Coming 07/21/2019

Bunny Colby and her stepmom Lady Olivia Fyre milk Bunny's pervy old teacher in this full-length behind-the-scenes footage from "Making the Grade".
BTS: Bunny Colby - Making the Grade

Monday July 22
Perfect Natural Breasts

Coming 07/22/2019

I can tell just by looking at you that your favorite part of a woman is breasts. You like many different types and colors of breasts, all the parts: from cleavage, to ariolas, to nipples. They're such a turn on. You love staring at them, worshipping them. They're so soft and warm. They call to you. You want to put your hands on them, squeeze them, squish them together, and play with the nipples to make them hard. You wish you could touch mine. You wish you were here right now, playing with my breasts. They are fun to play with, fun to bounce around, and up and down.
Perfect Natural Breasts

Tuesday July 23
Wednesday July 24
Thursday July 25
Friday July 26
Big Butts and Beyond: Cleo Clementine

Coming 07/26/2019

New to the industry, bubbly Cleo Clementine shows off her perfectly plump ass in Big Butts & Beyond #9. We know you love those juicy booties, and we do too! Petite Cleo bounces and rides, and she arches her back to show you the perfect view of her delicious pale butt.
Big Butts and Beyond: Cleo Clementine

Saturday July 27
Sunday July 28
BTS: Mallory Sierra - Jugs POV

Coming 07/28/2019

Mallory Sierra, a fan favorite, returned to do her second "Jugs for Wiener Hugs" scene, this time a POV perspective. This behind-the-scenes look at the scene is not POV though, so you can see the making of the scene.
BTS: Mallory Sierra - Jugs POV

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