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Aunt Dee

Stepmom told Aunt Dee about your penis, which is pretty much infamous now, and she wants some of the action. Dee really wants to get pregnant but doesn't have a man in her life. You're happy to help her. She is so proud of you. She used to give you baths, and here you are a big, fertile man. She wants to feel her belly grow, to feel your seed growing inside her. Your seed, not anyone else's. Stepmom understands that feeling, and she's turned on hearing how much Aunt Dee wants you. Of course you give them what they want. You quench their sexual frustration & you release your seed inside your aunt, surely impregnating her. *Cameo appearance by Syren DeMer
Aunt Dee

Friday January 4
Big Butts and Beyond: Candice Dare

Candice warned us that she giggles a lot when she's enjoying sex, and giggle she did! Watch this tan, big-butt cutie wiggle and shake as she rides. She takes Laz's big dick in her tight ass, indulging in some ass-to-pussy and ass-to-mouth action, then ending with an anal cream pie.
Big Butts and Beyond: Candice Dare

Saturday January 5
Sunday January 6
Girl Time: Olivia and Syren

This is a girl-girl only scene. Kissing, licking, sucking, scissoring. No thigh licking here! Only real girl on girl action with two hot MILFS who really enjoy exploring one another's bodies. See how many times Syren cums!!

Note: This is footage cut from another scene Syren & Olivia did together. There's a few minutes in this scene that are in the scene we already released, but at least 13 minutes of it is never-before-seen footage.
Girl Time: Olivia and Syren

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Picked Up and Fucked: Cleo Clementine

Cleo is such a cutie with a big booty. She answered an ad we posted online for local models & was so eager to work for us that we just had to book her. She really new to the industry, and she's definitely enjoying herself. Watch how much she loves being thrown around the bed by Laz.
Picked Up and Fucked: Cleo Clementine

Saturday January 12
Sunday January 13
BTS: Big Butts Mandy and Valentina

Behind-the-scenes look at our epic Big Butts and Beyond scene with Mandy Muse and Valentina Jewels. "Bubble Butt Bring Back" is our most popular scene on this site to-date. Mandy and Val got along so well together, and it was one of the most fun shoots we've ever done.
BTS: Big Butts Mandy and Valentina

Monday January 14
Ass Worshiping Cum Guzzler

Start this clip with a load saved in a shot glass. Worship my squat booty while you edge & swish cum around in your mouth, savoring the taste. Then prepare for a cum countdown, and to slam back that new load & swallow.
Ass Worshiping Cum Guzzler

Tuesday January 15
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Thursday January 17
Time Out: Privates School

You're in the principal's office with your teacher Mrs Fyre because you were caught grabbing girls' butts in class. She calls in your stepsister Mandy to help her understand what's going on with you. Mrs Fyre explains that if this was a public school you'd be expelled for sexual harassment, but at this private school they believe in teaching good behavior as well as academics.

Your teacher asks your stepsister to explain your behavior, and she doesn't have an explanation, but as your teacher asks more questions about your household activities, it becomes clear what the issue is. Mandy has been teasing you with her ass, showing off in the shower & while she's dressing. You've also walked in on her & her stepdad having sex. Mandy finally confesses. Mrs Fyre realizes that a unique situation requires a unique solution. She reminds Mandy of one of the school's rules: If you're part of the problem, become part of the solution. She's not going to make Mandy do anything she doesn't want to do, but if she doesn't help you, you're going to be expelled.

Mandy really doesn't want to see her stepbrother in trouble, and she knows it's her fault you're in the office. She's at least partially responsible for your ass fetish. Your teacher pulls up Mandy's skirt & encourages her to show off her ass again to get you excited, then Mandy rides your cock. Eventually her legs get tired & your teacher agrees to take over for a little while. She's really committed to helping you overcome your sexual frustration so you can be a better student. You're in heaven with two big asses bouncing on your cock. It was totally worth getting in trouble to get this kind of special treatment.
Time Out: Privates School

Friday January 18
Naughty Neighbor

Stepmom invites over your new neighbor, Tana, to get to know her. "Have you been to a Homeowner's Association Meeting yet?" she asks. "I'll get you the details for the meeting tonight." When stepmom looks down at her phone, Tana looks at you, rolls her eyes and mouths, "Homeowner's meeting?" Apparently she's not the meeting type. Stepmom has to leave to pick up your fa from the airport, and as soon as she's gone, Tana really begins to flirt.

Your neighbor has seen you watching her when she's gardening in her swimsuit, but she doesn't mind. She wants to show you more. She pulls off her top then gets down on her knees and starts sucking your cock. She's in the middle of riding you when your stepmom walks back in. 

She forgot something at home & came back for it. Tana thinks she's in trouble, but you know what the real issue is. You keep screwing all these MILFs without your stepmom, but stepmom wants to have fun too. You're eager to turn the twosome into a threesome. Three is never a crowd when beautiful women are involved.

Naughty Neighbor

Saturday January 19
Sunday January 20
BTS: Alexis Fawx - Sensual Suite

Coming 01/20/2019

Behind-the-scenes goodness from Alexis Fawx's Sensual Suite. Alexis is a ball of fantastic energy. She's good-spirited and was a joy to work with.
BTS: Alexis Fawx - Sensual Suite

Monday January 21
Purity Pledge

Coming 01/21/2019

Your girlfriend decided to take a purity pledge. You love her, so you decided to stick with her despite not getting sex. But today she has a surprise for you. She's tried to be a good girl, but she's just so horny. She's been masturbating every night, having orgasm after orgasm. She just can't take it anymore. She HAS to have your big cock inside her.

You're reluctant at first because you want to respect her wishes, but it's clear she's made up her mind. She rips off her pantyhose and takes off her white full-back panties and bra. You give her all the cock she needs. When you're ready to cum, she tells you to cum inside her. Maybe you'll even get her pregnant. She's ready for your seed.
Purity Pledge

Tuesday January 22
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Thursday January 24
BTS: Olivia Austin - Home Wrecker Housekeeping

Coming 01/24/2019

Behind-the-scenes footage from "Home Wrecker Housekeeping" with Olivia Austin. Lots of good sex angles, plus discussion about pussy lights, make-up colors & techniques, and how to light during transitions.
BTS: Olivia Austin - Home Wrecker Housekeeping

Friday January 25
Saturday January 26
Sunday January 27
Olivia and Laz Anniversary Sex

Coming 01/27/2019

What's better than anniversary sex? Laz & I escaped for a few days in the rain forest to celebrate our wedding anniversary & have some sex while listening to the rain fall outside our window.
Olivia and Laz Anniversary Sex

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