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Welcome to Laz Vegas: Brenna Sparks

Breanna Sparks has a gorgeous, curvy body with amazing breasts and a juicy booty. She also rides reverse cowgirl like a champ. Listen to her bubbly noises and watch her throw that booty around until Laz cums on her back.
Welcome to Laz Vegas: Brenna Sparks

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Twerknado: Mia Moore

Nasty girl Mia Moore slings her big booty around, twerking it for Laz until he cums all over her back and butt.
Twerknado: Mia Moore

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StepMommy's Little Bitch - Part 2

I was lying in bed last night, thinking about how your training in lacking in depth and dimension. Your future wife is going to want, not just your asshole trained, but want you to be at least aware of a lot of different needs that women have. She might want you to be sissified. The first step is getting you in this lingerie and these pretty stockings. If you want your new dildo, you’ll do exactly as I say. You need this. You lack dimension to your personality, and this is something that will make you more appealing to women-- especially to women like your StepMother, and that’s what you want, isn’t it? A woman like your StepMother. Your role in life is to serve women and make them happy. Before I can pass the torch to your wife, I have to make sure that you’re properly trained. Oh, you look so pretty now! Hold still and I’ll put just a little bit of lipstick on. Look at my beautiful, sissified boy. Now you’re prepared to receive your new dildo. Sit there looking pretty and StepMommy will be right back. My darling, let’s take a walk down memory lane. Look at the progress we’ve made. We started with this tiny dildo the size of my thumb. You whined like a bitch the first time. I was patient with you, progressing to a medium-sized dildo, then finally a large one. Remember all the good times we had, StepMommy stretching your hole bigger? I’m so proud of you. Today, I believe you’re ready for this new stage. Don’t prove me wrong. This new dick is glorious in its length and girth. It’s going to feel so good in your newly-sissified asshole. Don’t worry, I’ll use a lot of lube. I need to see your face, to know that you’re accepting and enjoying this… if for no other reason than knowing you’re pleasing me. Take it balls deep darling. Now what do you say if you want to cum? That’s right, “I love getting fucked in the ass by StepMommy.” I’ve really enjoyed our time together today. I feel like I’m doing my job and you’ll be ready for whichever woman I decide to pass you off to.
StepMommy's Little Bitch - Part 2

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Picked Up and Fucked: Coco Lovelock

Cutie pie Coco Lovelock loves to have a good time, she loves big cock, and she loves to dirty talk. She drives Laz crazy until he cums deep inside her.
Picked Up and Fucked: Coco Lovelock

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Confronting Stepmom at the Funeral

Coming 01/18/2021

Of course I had nothing to do with his demise! Honestly, how could you say such a thing?! Ah. You’re a smart young man. Do you have any proof that the police would believe? Then I don’t see how it benefits you to say anything to anyone. I didn’t let him cut you entirely out of the will. He was old, and I merely helped him along. You act like you don’t know what he saw in me, but you stare at me the way he stared at me. You share some of his proclivities and preferences. He loved both of us. Don’t you think it would be best if you stay here and we process our grief together? You and he didn’t always see eye to eye, especially on matters of your future, and now that he’s out of the way… you can do whatever you want. You’ve been lusting after me ever since he brought me home that first time.
Confronting Stepmom at the Funeral

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Fetish Clinic

Coming 01/25/2021

My nurse wrote your password on your chart, so I see that you're cleared. What's your pleasure? What luck I just happen to be wearing shiny pantyhose. I like watching men get so hard for me and then jerk off. I want you to fully enjoy our time together. I do hope you'll come back because quite often the second time is even better. I've learned that most men discover more about themselves from coming to see me, and then the real fun can begin.
Fetish Clinic

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