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September 2019
Sunday September 1
Monday September 2
Submitting to Financial Domination

You've been serving me for years, at first sending me one gift at the end of each month to prove your worthiness. If I saw fit to give you your monthly release, I granted it. Then I decided that you should send two gifts per month in order to be released from chastity once per month. Now it's once again time to show gratitude for my influence in your life. I know your weakness for your legs in leather. I have a superior mind capable of manipulating your mind and change your behavior. I can even put a new fetish in your mind. I am very happy with all the gifts you sent me over the past years. You have been a very good slave. However I am a superior Goddess and I deserve more. So it’s time to send me money. Choose one day of the month. On that day you have to tribute. You must understand when you send you money you receive nothing in return. This monetary tribute is in addition to your monthly tribute of 2 gifts. As a superior Goddess, it is my birthright to be spoiled with gifts and money. You must accept financial domination as your new fetish in order to serve me properly. After sending the money, you are allowed to email me to notify me that you have been a very good slave. If I am not satisfied with your monthly offering, I can give you monthly denial. Your locked up cock will always remind you of your duty to tribute Goddess.
Submitting to Financial Domination

Tuesday September 3
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Friday September 6
Sensual Suite: Liv Revamped

Liv relaxes on the bed, receiving a gentle coconut oil massage. Laz begins to go down on her, licking her sensually, building up his lust & her desire. They move slowly through positions as Liv touches herself. Doggystyle, spoon, missionary, cowgirl, and a blowjob, then back to doggystyle again, where Laz gives Liv a creampie.
Sensual Suite: Liv Revamped

Saturday September 7
Sunday September 8
BTS: Valentina Jewels - No Pain, No Gain

Behind-the-scenes with Valentina Jewels from "No Pain, No Gain".
BTS: Valentina Jewels - No Pain, No Gain

Monday September 9
Your Aunt the Dominatrix

Though you’re 18 now, you aren't trusted to stay home alone while your stepmom is away on business. Your stepmom & aunt just started talking again after a long feud, so you haven’t seen her in many years. When you arrive, it’s late at night. Your aunt shows you the guest room then says goodnight. When you come out for breakfast the night morning, it’s like your aunt is a completely different person. You remember her being hot, but you didn’t remember her being THIS hot. She was in casual clothes the night before, but this morning she looks amazing. Unfortunately, you are wearing only boxers when you walk into the kitchen. You try to hide your excitement, but it’s apparent. She casually glances at your boner then asks if you want some milk before school. She pulls out a glass. You tell her you take coffee now. She smirks at you, comments on what a “big man” you are now, and hands you a cup of coffee. You ask for sugar. She says, “You’ll take it black. When you’re in my house, you’ll follow my rules.” You gulp your bitter black coffee. “And we clearly need to take care of that little issue, now don’t we?” She stares at your crotch then back up at your face. You burn with embarrassment, but there’s something about your aunt now that is such a turn on. You love how bossy she is. She reveals to you that she’s a dominatrix. In fact, she’s seeing someone in an hour & needs you to get rid of that morning wood before you head to school.
Your Aunt the Dominatrix

Tuesday September 10
Wednesday September 11
Thursday September 12
Friday September 13
Arched: Katie Kush

Katie Kush has so much fun on the set of Arched for House of Fyre. She's a cute ball of energy with a great sense of humor. She really gave her all for this scene, arching her back in such a sexy way, and riding like the beautiful Goddess she is. She looks beautiful all covered in oil.
Arched: Katie Kush

Saturday September 14
Sunday September 15
BTS: Kenzie Madison - Arched

Lovely Kenzie Madison showing off her highly-arched back and big booty in this behind-the-scenes footage of "Arched".
BTS: Kenzie Madison - Arched

Monday September 16
You Will Obey

Blackmail inebriation encouragement with stripping. By customer request.
You Will Obey

Tuesday September 17
Wednesday September 18
Thursday September 19
Friday September 20
Morning Sex: Penny Lay

Pale, redhead Goddess Penny Lay wakes up in Laz's bed for some steamy, sensual sex.
Morning Sex: Penny Lay

Saturday September 21
Sunday September 22
BTS: Tana Lea - Oiled Ink

An hour of the gorgeous redhead Tana Lea and silver-haired vixen Taurus Angel. Oiled up tattoos and lots of yummy threesome sex.
BTS: Tana Lea - Oiled Ink

Monday September 23
Teasing Our Toy

Coming 09/23/2019

Featuring: Lady Fyre, Lady Vi, and Bondage Toy. Videography by Kako. Lady Vi has a surprise waiting for me in her dungeon. She knows how much I love surprises, especially when they're toys. Bondage Toy is shackled, wearing his spiked chastity cage, and feeling a bit vulnerable. I've never played with this toy, so he doesn't know quite what to expect. He soon finds out that while I consider myself a "sensual" Dominatrix, I have a curious nature that lends itself to lustful cruelty. This is only Part 1 of our adventure together. Stayed tuned for Part 2 (sounding and anal electro play) and Part 3 (extreme anal penetration).
Teasing Our Toy

Tuesday September 24
Wednesday September 25
Thursday September 26
Friday September 27
Picked Up and Fucked: Laney Grey

Coming 09/27/2019

Laney greets you with a cute message before showing you how much she likes to fuck. Laz begins with her tenderly, kissing and caressing. She turns around to twerk on him in doggystyle and cowgirl. This was their second time filming together, so you can see that they're pretty comfortable with one another. Watch them move through positions, sometimes sensually and other times things get rough. After filming, we took Laney into downtown Seattle for a touristy Seattle experience. We went to Pike Place Market and rode the ferris wheel. She got to witness the tear-down of the I90 overpass. Then we took a ferry back. There was a street fair going on, so we spoiled her with some cotton candy. It's hard not to spoil Laney because she's just so sweet and cute. Note: There's a creampie, but you can't really see it because she wasn't able to push it out.
Picked Up and Fucked: Laney Grey

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