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Sunday May 28
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Varsity Cheerleader

Adriana requests a meeting with her teacher because she's failing his class. She can't go to the cheerleading competition unless she gets a passing grade, and she knows the team won't succeed without her. Her teacher explains that she's failing because she doesn't pay attention in class, but Adriana retorts that she just doesn't see how his teaching will benefit her. The teacher agrees: it's clear to him now that the skills he's trying to teach in class aren't the skills she's going to need to get ahead in life. She's a self-centered, selfie-taking brat who needs to learn real life skills. He takes out his dick, preparing to teach her what she really needs to learn. If she does a good job, he'll give her a passing grade.
Varsity Cheerleader

Friday May 3
Picked Up and Fucked: Natalia Queen

Cute 18 year old Natalia Queen loves dirty talking as Laz fucks her tight pussy so deep. We picked her up from the airport and were filming within an hour. She was eager to get started. She makes great eye contact with the camera, showing off her pretty face. This cute spinner loves blowjobs, riding, and taking dick deep inside her. Laz pulls out and cums on her pussy then shoves himself back in her to cum some more. We had some extra time after we finished shooting, so we took her on the water taxi and to the market. We ate fresh doughnuts and walked around the city. Fucking and doughnuts. It doesn't get much better than that.
Picked Up and Fucked: Natalia Queen

Saturday May 4
Sunday May 5
BTS: Cali Carter - Fit Chick

Behind the scenes footage for Cali Carter's "Fit Chick".
BTS: Cali Carter - Fit Chick

Monday May 6
My Love, My Loser

(Name used: John) I had such a nice night. Thank you for starting this fire for me to come home to, my love. You do know how to please me in certain ways, to make up for all the ways in which you can't. You know that restaurant you've been wanting to try? Well, my date took me there. I would have waited for you to take me, but you're too much of a loser to make a reservation. So I took a real man. In the cab on the way back to his place, he started fingering me. The panties are in my purse and if you're a good boy, I'll let you sniff them later. He had such an amazing cock. I'm going to give you a blow-by-blow recount of this date while you jerk off. (Includes masturbation encouragement, verbal humiliation, cum countdown, ruined orgasm, and cum eating instruction)
My Love, My Loser

Tuesday May 7
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Friday May 10
Arched: Kenzie Madison

We've recently developed a fascination with women who have a great back arch. They're flexible, they're nimble, and they love showing it off. This whole scene showcases Kenzie's great arch in various positions. Ass eating, standing doggystyle, bent backwards to kiss, deepthroating, seated & kneeling blowjob, cowgirl, kneeling doggystyle at multiple angles, then seated doggy on the House of Fyre Fuckstool. Kenzie Madison is amazing and she looks so good oiled up. She loves having sex: She loves it rough, and she loves it sensual. You'll see a little of both in this scene, along with some great female orgasms. Look at the way she rides that bench! Rubbing her clit while pushing back in doggystyle. So hot! This scene is intense, with lots of orgasms, arching backwards, choking, and hair pulling, but it's also very sensual because of their great connection. Enjoy Kenzie's smiling face as she shows us all how awesome sex can be. Like "Sensual Suite," each episode of "Arched" will be catered to the individual performer's intensity preferences which we discuss before the scene, but which also evolves throughout the scene. Sometimes a performer starts a scene more sensual, but then she can't help but ride hard. Or sometimes a performer starts a scene wanting it rough but really gets into the sensual aspects of being rubbed with oil & being encouraged to do what feels good to her. That's why we love shooting these scenes. What you see is performer-driven intensity.
Arched: Kenzie Madison

Saturday May 11
Sunday May 12
BTS: Aunt Leya

Behind the scenes footage from "Aunt Leya" with Leya Falcon.
BTS: Aunt Leya

Monday May 13
Increasing Workplace Productivity

Apparently you're not aware of this, but the boss installed productivity software on the computers. It tracks the spreadsheets you're working on, what programs you're using... and it also looks at your browsing history. Of course you know that you're not supposed to be looking at porn while at work. You could get fired. But what I'm really concerned about is the type of porn you've been watching. I know that you're married because you bring your wife to the company picnics. Yet you only look at gay porn. Dicks and cum. Hey, you know, I'm not opposed to it, but I'm concerned about you. I'm worried that you're keeping all of those desires inside you, bound up with no way to let them out. That's not good for you. So I invited my friend from the gym. He's volunteered to help me help you. He has a nice big hard dick and I want you to jerk off for him. I want you to have the real thing. I can't let you keep watching porn here. Isn't his cock much better? I'm not going to tell anyone. You are one of the most valuable employees in this company and I want to see you succeed, but you need to get out of some of the tension and shame. You're going to suck his cock. You need this. You want it. Take him deep in your mouth.
Increasing Workplace Productivity

Tuesday May 14
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Thursday May 16
Smoking Hot Double Blowjob

Arabelle & Olivia both love giving blowjobs. In fact, it's kind of Arabelle's specialty. What's hotter than a blowjob? A smoking blowjob. And what's hotter than a smoking blowjob? A DOUBLE smoking blowjob of course! As soon as Arabelle & Olivia light up, your cock is so stiff. You can't wait to get those perfect lips on your shaft. And these two don't disappoint. They take long drags & blow smoke onto your cock, then they suck it expertly. They laugh & smile, clearly enjoying how hard you are for them. Arabelle makes big plumes of smoke from her sultry lips while Olivia shows off her body. It's the perfect combination, and it's not long before you're busting right into Arabelle's mouth.
Smoking Hot Double Blowjob

Friday May 17
Real Couples: Angel Ryder and Nico Ryder

Angel Ryder and Nico Ryder came to Seattle to do their FIRST non-pov porn. We gave them a list of positions we'd like to see and let them set the tone for the scene while we sat back and watched (filmed) it. It was a lot of fun watching this super hot couple perform for us. Nico is an attractive young man who likes to lead Angel during sex, and Angel is a gorgeous young woman with big, natural breasts who loves to ride Nico's cock. Their sex ranges from sensual to somewhat rough during the scene. Tender moments, with Angel putting her finger in Nico's mouth, and rougher moments when Nico holds Angel's arm behind her back while fucking her from behind.
Real Couples: Angel Ryder and Nico Ryder

Saturday May 18
Sunday May 19
BTS: Brooklyn Chase - In Dreams

Beautiful behind-the-scenes footage from filming the sensual scene "In Dreams" with Brooklyn Chase.
BTS: Brooklyn Chase - In Dreams

Monday May 20
Maid Caught with Pantyhose

I knew it! I knew someone was sneaking in here everyday once I leave. I never thought it was a male maid though. That's what's been happening to my pantyhose! Have you been masturbating with them? Do you know how expensive they are? Oh, you just like pantyhose? That's interesting. Fine, let me see. Masturbate with my pantyhose. I'm not going to want them back anyway, now that they've been on your dick. I like learning new ways to control men, and your dick keeps getting harder. Don't go getting embarrassed on me now. You can jerk off & let me watch, or I'll tell your boss & get you fired. I don't want to humiliate you; I just want to learn. Is it my legs that you like? You've been fantasizing about me when I'm not here, and now you have me in front of you. You only have a few seconds to cum. And tomorrow you can meet me here & we can do this again. Let yourself out, and make sure you clean up.
Maid Caught with Pantyhose

Tuesday May 21
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Home Wrecker High School

Ella Hughes' teacher took her phone away because she was playing on it in class. Between classes, he decides to see what she was doing that was so important that she's sacrifice her education. He discovers a sex tape! When Ella comes in after school to get her phone back, the teacher tells her what he found. He demands to know who the male student is, but she explains that it's not another student. He's much too old to be in high school. She likes older men. "Oh? What do you like about older men?" the teacher asks. "I love their strong hands..." she trails off as she thinks about her older man. "I love how they can last longer than boys my age..." she again thinks of the wonderful sex she had. "In fact, you look like you know how to satisfy a woman," she says seductively. She moves in. Her teacher protests because he's married, but Ella doesn't see a problem. "That hasn't stopped you before. I see the way you look at me in class." She takes out his cock and gives him a blowjob. The teacher can't resist this petite ginger vixen. She has her fill of his big dick... on the chair, on his desk, all over the room. When he's fucking her on the desk, she asks for her phone back. "I want to add this to my video collection."
Home Wrecker High School

Saturday May 25
Sunday May 26
BTS: Kenzie Madison - Picked Up

Coming 05/26/2019

Fun BTS from Kenzie Madison's "Picked Up and Fucked". Photo session, going over the scene actions, Olivia demonstrating positions, joking around between shots, and most of the scene is included, both camcorder footage and GoPro (from above) footage. Kenzie is all smiles and it's so cute!
BTS: Kenzie Madison - Picked Up

Monday May 27
Strings Attached

Coming 05/27/2019

(Custom: the name John is used). This is what you've always fantasized about it. It's what I've fantasized about. Now we're here, and all you have to do is give in to me. Stroke to my legs in black pantyhose. They're you're favorite, and I know you can't resist. I've put a spell on you, and if you cum you will be regressed. You'll be my boy; you'll be my slave. I will have total control, and only I can make you big again. Once you give in, I will live out my fantasies of being the seductive corrupter who preys on inexperienced young men. I will train you to love being pegged so much that you'll beg me for it. I want to see how long it takes for you to go from crying in pain to moaning in pleasure. I will tie you up to tease, edge, and deny you. I will kiss and stroke you until you go insane. I can't wait to hear your young voice calling me stepmommy and promising that you'll do anything for stepmommy. I also want to watch other women have their way with you, seeing them unleash their pent-up forbidden desires. I could keep you for days, months, years... or I could keep you forever. You can't resist. This is what we've both dreamed of. You want me to be your stepmommy more than anything. Beg me for your orgasm. Beg me to be your stepmommy forever. (Note: The regression is not shown.)
Strings Attached

Tuesday May 28
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Thursday May 30
Time Out: A Special Education

Coming 05/30/2019

You were Ms. Fyre’s student last year & you're in Ms. Carter’s class this year. It’s the beginning of the semester which means it’s time for teachers to help one another with the IEPs (Individual Education Plans) which are for students who need some extra help. You have already been causing problems in Ms. Carter class, but she thinks you really don’t seem to be “special,” and she’s not sure what to do. Ms. Carter meets with Ms. Fyre to try to help her new student. Ms. Fyre explains that they can’t always write out all the info in the IEPs due to the laws, but in this school they do whatever it takes to help their students. Ms. Fyre pulls your penis out of your pants while Ms. Carter watches & is amazed at how large it is. “See what I mean?” Ms. Fyre asks. “He needs some special attention to be able to concentrate on his studies. And honestly, I don’t mind helping if you know what I mean.” Ms. Carter is aghast at first, but as Ms. Fyre sucks your cock & she sees you respond, she realizes that she too will do anything to help her student succeed.
Time Out: A Special Education

Friday May 31
Making the Grade

Coming 05/31/2019

Featuring Bunny Colby (formerly Nadya Nabakova) and Lady Olivia Fyre.

Bunny got in trouble at school & her teacher called her stepmother to come in & have a parent-teacher conference. When stepmom shows up though, she’s only mad at her stepdaughter until she realizes who the teacher is.

"Oh, it's YOU," she says. "Did you miss me so much that you had to pull me out of work?" Bunny looks so confused. "This guy used to be my teacher," she explains. "He's a perv. All you have to do is get him off."

Bunny says, “Oh, that’s all? I would’ve done that, but I thought you’d be mad at me.”

Stepmom says she won’t be mad. Sometimes we have to use unconventional methods to get what we want.

Stepmom Olivia berates the teacher while she sucks and fucks him. Bunny may not even been raised by her stepmother, but it turns out she's just as sassy. She too lets the teacher have it... while letting him have it. He seems to have this thing for women who get mad at him.

When what seems like an hour has passed, Olivia encourages the teacher to cum so they can all get on with their day. "But not inside her. I don't think she's on birth control yet." Bunny says she doesn't want to talk about it. But the teacher pulls out and cums all over Bunny's slender body & big tits.
Making the Grade

Saturday May 1