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Impregnating Your New Stepmother

Your new stepmother is so hot that you can't stop thinking about her. You're in your room jerking off, secretly hoping she'll walk in on you & be unable to resist your big, hard cock. It's a fantasy that you're not sure will become reality, but you've been thinking about this for a long time & you have to give it a shot.

She comes in to see if you've cleaned your room & is shocked when she looks up & sees you masturbating. She doesn't run out of the room though, which is a good sign. You keep touching yourself, and you suggest she should help you out. She refuses. She's your stepmother after all. She's supposed to be telling you when to clean your room, not sucking you off. You point out that she & her husband aren't having sex anyway, and she softens a bit. Then she actually looks like she's thinking about doing it.

After some deliberation, she climbs onto the bed & starts giving you a blowjob. "I am NOT having sex with you though," she states emphatically. After sucking on your young cock for a while, you figure you have her buttered up enough to suggest she should hop on. She looks confused. Finally she decides she'll do it "only for a minute". Your stepmother riding you is way sexier than your fantasies. Her round ass is perfect as it bobs up & down. You're so focused on it that you almost cum inside her. She can feel it & warns you not to do that because she might get pregnant. She turns around & rides you the other way, her big, beautiful breasts right in your face. She's enjoying herself so much but she warns "Tell me if you think you're going to cum. You can't cum inside me."

It will be easier for you to pull out if you're in doggystyle, so she makes you do her from behind. But all the talk of not impregnating her has turned her on so much that she decides she DOES want you to cum inside her. "I do want you to impregnate me. Look into my eyes while you do it," she says, and flips over into missionary. She cums on your cock, and you can't help but cum inside her. You pull out & the creampie starts to drip out. She says she hopes your strong swimmers got all the way up inside her.

Two months later...

Your stepmom comes into your room to tell you she has some news. "Remember when you came inside me? I'm pregnant. I'm about 2 months along." She knows she should be upset about it, but instead it just makes her really horny. She wants you to fuck her pregnant body, and she's already planning to have you impregnate her again after she gives birth.
Impregnating Your New Stepmother

BTS: Coco Lovelock - Picked Up and Fucked

Behind the scenes footage from the scene Picked Up and Fucked with Coco Lovelock
BTS: Coco Lovelock - Picked Up and Fucked

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Arched: Anna Claire Clouds

Anna Claire clearly loves sex. She's so good at it too. From her beautiful arched back, highlighted by her tattoo, to her love for kissing, to her deep throating skills, you can't deny her perfection. Watch her ride Laz, and move with him through sexy positions, making eye contact, rolling her eyes in pleasure, then taking his seed all over her arched back.
Arched: Anna Claire Clouds

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Leg Puppet Strings

My legs turn men into weak, obedient puppets. I will even share my techniques with you because my power is impossible to resist. I've mastered the process of turning on a man with my legs, then cultivating his addiction to worshiping me. I manipulate and brainwash for fun. I morph their sexual desires to suit my whims, using repeated exposure to my legs while my irresistible voice implants suggestions and triggers. I love when one of my leg puppets even requests more control using one of the methods I've previously engaged. Then I really know that my control is working. When it becomes intolerable to go any length of time without worshiping me, I know I have them right where I want them. You will be most fulfilled when you follow my instructions, and you will lament whenever you resist.
Leg Puppet Strings

Jugs for Wiener Hugs POV: Skylar Snow

Skylar Snow does all the dirty talk in this POV version of Jugs for Wiener Hugs. Tittyfuck, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, missionary, blowjob, tit job, ending with a cum on tits.
Jugs for Wiener Hugs POV: Skylar Snow

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Therapy For Your Fantasies: The First Test

You're back in my office today because despite our therapy sessions together, you still haven't figured out if you're straight or gay. Since talking hasn't helped, I'd like to try something new. I remind you to keep an open mind. I've taken care of you this far, and if you just hang in with me a little longer, I think we can find some answers. The only way to really know whether you're gay is to try it... taking a strap on & eating cum that is. After encouraging you to lie down, I begin pegging you. I start gently, and then I increase the intensity as I discover you like it. Getting rougher & rougher brings you closer to orgasm, and I count you down to a nice big load in your own mouth.

You did well today. When you come back next week, I'll have a real man waiting here for you.
Therapy For Your Fantasies: The First Test

Twerknado: Aubree Valentine

Aubree Valentine is a House of Fyre fan favorite, so it's no surprise that she's back again... this time shaking that marvelous ass for you. She rides Quinton's face and cock so good! Watch this beauty twerk and shake, ride and beg for cum all over her ass.
Twerknado: Aubree Valentine

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Stepmom Hires Sex Therapist

Your stepmom has been having sex with you for a while now, teaching you different positions & ways to please a woman & yourself. You recently complained to her that while you're enjoying the sex, you're concerned that you are not getting enough experience just having sex with your stepmother. Your stepmom is a caring woman who looks out for your best interest, so today she has a surprise for you. She hired a sex therapist, Nadya (Bunny Colby), to have sex with you. She & Nadya talked about your situation & agreed that a young man needs to have different experiences to feel confident. Your stepmother wants you to have a confident future.
Stepmom Hires Sex Therapist

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Squirtnado: Aubree Valentine

Coming 07/23/2024

Aubree Valentine is a House of Fyre favorite, and when we found out she squirts, we had to bring her back again and pair her with Ramon Nomar who knows how to make the women squirt. Aubree clearly loves having sex with Ramon, and he gets off on making her squirt over and over. When he just can't take it anymore and has to cum, he sprays all over her face and into her mouth.
Squirtnado: Aubree Valentine

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Jerk Zombie Commits to Chastity

Coming 07/27/2024

Today is the day. You've been talking about it, fantasizing about it, and even congratulating yourself before doing it… now you're finally committing to chastity. You're going to do it because you know that if you don't, you will never see me again. I like men who are weak for me, but I can't stand men who are so weak they sit around jerking it all day to anything they can find. It's gross, and I won't have a man like that in my presence. So today you're going to jerk off while I talk about chastity, and then you're going to lock yourself in this cage for me. If you can't commit, then you're worthless to me.
Jerk Zombie Commits to Chastity

Big Oiled Butts: Electra Rayne

Coming 07/27/2024

Electra Rayne and Will Tile clearly love fucking one another, and Will can hardly contain himself as blonde Electra bounces her big booty on his cock. Finally, Will pulls out and cums all over her ass.
Big Oiled Butts: Electra Rayne

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