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Friday March 1
Big Butts and Beyond: Layla Price

Layla Price comes to the House of Fyre to have her ass fucked really well. She loves doing anal more than anything, as Laz finds out. Layla is a nasty, dirty girl and she craves big dick filling up her holes. This woman knows what she wants, and she takes it, including a big facial finish.
Big Butts and Beyond: Layla Price

Saturday March 2
Sunday March 3
Aunt Mallory Confronted

Aunt Mallory comes over with one thing in mind: stuffing herself with your sweet cock. She's sucking it, getting spitty while deepthroating it. Then she turns around & rides it, giving you a great view of her awesome ass.

She's only riding you for a couple minutes when your stepmom walks in. She's not supposed to be home. Busted!! "I knew it!" she says. "I thought Aunt Lauren was lying to me, but apparently she wasn't. You & Lauren both, you greedy little bitches." Mallory protests... your dick is just too delicious not to have it again. "But this is MY stepson, and that's MY dick," your stepmom replies. Oh wow. Your stepmom & aunt are gonna fight over you now? This should be interesting.

"If you want to have sex with my stepson, then you have to ask my permission." Aunt Mallory pleads with her, and finally she agrees. "Let's not keep him waiting since you already got him excited." She rides you to show off her bubble butt, and Aunt Mallory tries to placate her. But you can tell Mallory is just aching to ride you again. Luckily your stepmom does really like to share & gives her another turn. There's nothing better than your aunt's tits bouncing in your face while your stepmom rubs her smooth body.

Stepom preps you to cum, but she wants you to shoot your load right into Mallory's mouth. Your aunt sucks the cum right out of you & lets it dribble all over her huge tits. Stepmom smiles, "See, all you had to do was ask & I'll share with you."
Aunt Mallory Confronted

Monday March 4
The Sissy Registry

Due to the current administration and its prurient laws, the federal government has developed an organization, the Department of Deviants, tasked with monitoring the personal lives of all citizens. Due to my ability to sniff out deviants, I was made head of the Deviant Task F.0rce, and this quarter my main objective is to ensure compliance with the new Sissy Registry. There are too many sissies in the world who are offending “real men” and since the government is mainly run by old white men, they’ve determined that sissies are a blight on society and must be identified and humiliated. All sissies must now register with the government.

How did I find you? We placed undercover agents in lingerie shops across the country. We are also monitoring websites known to be frequented by sissies. Any orders placed by men are scrutinized.

I require two forms of ID, a head shot, and a full body shot. For the full body shot you must be wearing your best sissy outfit. All sissies are required to wear an ID necklace so that they can be identified in public & avoided by men who might be offended.
The Sissy Registry

Tuesday March 5
Wednesday March 6
Thursday March 7
Stranger Danger

You're on a business trip in a small town, and when you check into your hotel, they've overbooked. You end up having to share a room. When you meet your roommate for the night, it becomes clear that she's a... "A professional companion," she corrects you. You have nowhere else to go, so you're stuck. She can tell you're being judgmental. "Don't act like this isn't the best thing that's happened to you in a long time. You'll have a story to tell your friends." She suggests that if you stay on opposite sides of the bed, fully clothed, everything will be fine. You reluctantly climb under the covers & are out before she even comes out of the bathroom in her nightgown.

Sometime in the middle of the night you awaken to the covers being pulled down. You open your eyes & the "companion" is smiling at you, uncovering your crotch. She says you were touching her & she knows you want her. Sure enough, you have a hardon. But you're a married man & you know you'd never cheat on your wife. But as she starts touching you, and you don't resist, she points out that you're a big strong man & you can stop her if you really want to. You want to stop her, but you don't. It's wrong, but it feels good. As she starts giving you a blowjob, you know that you're probably going to let this happen. She pulls out a condom, puts it on you, and you feel better about it. No one has to know. Your wife never has to know. She rides your cock & it feels so good that you just give into her & let her do whatever she wants.

You don't even realize it when she pulls off the condom. But she tells you she's done it. She's clearly relishing in her sexuality & getting you to cheat on your wife without a condom. She reminds you that you're married, and she asks what your wife would think of you having unprotected sex with a "hooker", taking these risks. You can't believe you don't stop her right then & there, but the power she has over you is so strong that you explode deep inside her, giving her a creampie. "I hope I don't get pregnant," she says. She teases you about your wife, and you know you've made a mistake but it felt so good.
Stranger Danger

Friday March 8
Reluctant Tutor Earns Her Bonus

Ella is Laz’s new tutor. She’s trying to get through to him but he’s just not able to concentrate. She calls Ms Fyre into the room to explain that she’s doing her best but he’s not being attentive. Ms Fyre asks her stepson if he’s “milked the cow” yet today. Of course that’s why he can’t concentrate! She whips out his penis & starts stroking it while Ella stares on in disbelief & makes comments about it.

Eventually Ms Fyre realizes Laz is staring at Ella & asks him if he wants Ella to do it. Maybe Ella should give him a blowjob? Ella says she’s not doing it.

Ms Fyre reminds her that her “bonus” pay is based on Laz’s SAT scores, and if he can’t concentrate, he can’t study. If he can’t study, he won’t do well. If he doesn’t do well, she doesn’t get paid.

Ella is very reluctant at first but once she gets through the BJ she seems to be enjoying herself & wants to do more. Ms Fyre comments that she likes a girl who takes initiative. This seems to bolster Ella's confidence further, and as they take turns in multiple positions, Laz is definitely paying attention. As he comes all over Ella's body, they're confident Laz will do better from now on.
Reluctant Tutor Earns Her Bonus

Saturday March 9
Sunday March 10
Monday March 11
Therapist's Cock Cure

Custom (no name): "You are my therapist and tell me that my problem is obvious. I’m a control freak. Fortunately the treatment is obvious: I need to give up control – completely. Having me get naked for this session is an important first step. It makes me feel vulnerable, doesn’t it? My not-so-impressive dick exposed to you, a woman? But it’s not enough. After all, this is still a controlled environment and you are my therapist. But you’ve thought of that:

[Two men – not seen on the screen – are entering the room.] These gentlemen will help us out during our session. Yes, they are fully dressed, in expensive suits, correct. I’m the only one naked here. Oh yes, they are not only allowed to touch me, you’ve encouraged them to do it. How do I feel when they caress my body and my genitals with their fingers? Not in control? Great! The men then open their zippers, take their dicks out, grab my hands and make me feel their dicks. Yes, they are gay. And they got impressive dicks. It’s important that I play along and let them be in control. How do I feel sitting naked between these two men stroking their huge dicks? Like a little boy in comparison? Very good! Well, if he’s grabbing my head and wants me to take his dick in my mouth, I have to comply. I’m their little fuck toy now. Not in control. Just an instrument of pleasure.

This continues while you comment on my “progress”: They make me gag on their dicks? Very good, having somebody else control my breathing is great. Then one of them makes me ride his cock reverse cowgirl (“he controls the speed”) while the other makes me suck his cock. Finally they have me kneel and cum on my face.

Great, there’s just one more thing to do: You take a pic of me on my knees holding the dicks that just came on my face. You just need some proof for my gf that I am indeed able to give up control. You are sure that she’ll be just as glad about my progress as you! Also, next week we should take this whole thing a little further and have me lose control in a less “secure” environment. Maybe you could chain me up naked in a truck stop bathroom? Well, you’ll think of something!"
Therapist's Cock Cure

Tuesday March 12
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Thursday March 14
Naughty Nurses

You must still be so groggy from your surgery, and that's perfect. I know this is probably confusing for you. You're just another in a long line of our victims. We've been working together on the surgical ward for a long time, and we discovered that we have the same fetish: taking advantage of immobilized men. Here, just take a few deep breaths - enough to keep you compliant, but not too much. I don't think you'll mind too much being under our control. Your cock is already hard. Here, let me just ride that thing... you know you love it. Oops! I think I popped one of your stitches.

If you try to tell on us when you wake up, we're going to do a lot more than ride your cock, and you're not going to like it. Maybe we'll just schedule for a little "elective" surgery. When you wake up, you might not even know whether this really happened. So we're going to make sure you get a good night of rest. Nurse Raquel tends to overdo it with the anesthesia, but even when "mistakes" happen, we still get away with it. Nighty night. Maybe we'll see you tomorrow... or maybe we won't.
Naughty Nurses

Friday March 15
Sensual Suite: Lauren Phillips

Lauren loves making love. You can see it in her eyes and hear it in her little noises. She's so much fun to play with. She's energetic yet sensual, giggly yet loves to cum over and over again. Laz & Lauren have great chemistry in this scene as they slowly move through positions, thoroughly enjoying one another's bodies.
Sensual Suite: Lauren Phillips

Saturday March 16
Sunday March 17
The Rose

The holidays can be a bit lonely for us. We don't live near loved ones, and our friends are busy with their families during the holidays. We usually have our cat, but she passed earlier this year. We always end up working more during holidays, and we knew this year would be no exception. So we scheduled ourselves a short vacation. We ventured to the coast, where we spent two days cuddled up in bed in front of a fire, enjoying each other's company, watching movies, and ordering room service. It was so nice to get away for a couple days, leave work behind, and focus on just being a couple. It's so important, especially when you've been together as long as we have, to take some time away from busy life and reconnect. This video is a perfect example of how freeing it is for us to just be ourselves. I actually had TWO orgasms, which is pretty rare for me :) We hope you enjoy watching.
The Rose

Monday March 18
Your Best Friend's Stepmom

Your best friend's stepmom has been grooming you to become her new leg slave. She's had many slave before, friend's of her older boy. Now that her younger boy's friends are older, she's grooming them just like she's grooming you.

She's loved teasing you with her black pantyhose covered legs as you approach puberty. Now that you're ready, she seduces you and makes you stroke to her legs. She knows that when you orgasm, you will be a slave to her legs.
Your Best Friend's Stepmom

Tuesday March 19
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Crush on Stepmom: Brooke Beretta

Featuring: Brooke Beretta

Your stepmom Brooke is quite a hottie. She loves to wear stockings, and she knows that you love when she wears stockings. Lately, she's been trying extra hard to get your attention because she needs something from you.

“My husband is away on business so often that he doesn’t have time to appreciate me the way I deserve. He doesn’t even have time to get me pregnant. Did you know we are trying to get pregnant? He got this idea in his head that he has to have another of you. He’s going to make me keep trying until I give him one, I just know it. But he’s never home. I really wanted to surprise him when he gets home from that board meeting in China."

She asks if you want to help her. You're like this sneaky little pup following her around, spying on her while she showers & changes clothes. You didn't think she noticed, but she has. It's fun taking advantage of your little crush on stepmother.
Crush on Stepmom: Brooke Beretta

Saturday March 23
Sunday March 24
Exclusive: BTS Lauren Phillips - Slut Trained and Controlled

Exclusive to House of Fyre: Behind-the-scenes footage of us shooting "Slut Trained and Controlled" with Lauren Phillips. Kimberly Kane was director & videographer. You can tell how much fun we were having that day, all of us laughing and joking around. But it was also a difficult scene to shoot because of the small space. If you've ever wondered what it's like to be male talent & deal with the director stopping you every few minutes while you try to stay hard, this is the scene to watch. Note: This was shot on an HD GoPro that was just sitting in the corner, so the audio isn't as good as regular video camera audio. You can still hear what everything said though.
Exclusive: BTS Lauren Phillips - Slut Trained and Controlled

Monday March 25
Shiny Pantyhose Part 2

Coming 03/25/2019

You just couldn't get enough of my pantyhose. Now you can have a view of what they look like in natural light, seeing how the sun makes them shimmer & glow. They're so sexy & smooth on my beautiful legs. You're down there, staring up at me & admiring my curves, admiring, the sun hitting my legs from every angle, catching the shine in the material of the pantyhose.
Shiny Pantyhose Part 2

Tuesday March 26
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Thursday March 28
BTS: Aunt Mallory Confronted

Coming 03/28/2019

Behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes from "Aunt Mallory Confronted"
BTS: Aunt Mallory Confronted

Friday March 29
Oiled Ink: Deep Six

Coming 03/29/2019

Oiled Ink is a tribute to the beauty of tattooed porn stars. You requested it & we filmed it. Gorgeous inked women are oft-overlooked in mainstream content, but we are happy to display their artful bodies in our series dedicated to ink-lovers everywhere. Our host, Taurus Angel, begins the scene with an interview of our star, the lithe skateboarder Sammie Six. They chat about Sammie's tattoos, their meaning, and her experiences with the process of covering her body in colorful art.

All that talk of tattoos gets Taurus worked up, and she just has to cover Sammie in oil to bring out the sheen & color which decorates her body. Laz joins in to help with the oil. What ensues is a masterpiece of bodies intertwined, oral sex & raw fucking. Sammie & Laz are clearly enjoying themselves, as is Taurus who urges them on while rubbing herself all over Sammie. There are some very sweet, sensual moments between all three, and there's plenty of hardcore action. (Cumshot on body.)
Oiled Ink: Deep Six

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